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April 4, 2014
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Survivalist, TV star, and author of the Mission Survival adventure books, Bear Grylls, is to make a guest appearance in a special issue of The Beano. The issue will appear as a free sampler with the Mail on Sunday on 6th April 2014.

Gnasher is still missing. The search continues for Dennis’ side kick and the missing National Museum of Scotland dinosaur bone. The Beano has had to rename their strip ‘Dennis the Menace and … no Gnasher’ because of Gnasher’s absence. It will remain under this title until his safe return.

In the special issue of The Beano, Dennis recruits the Beanotown Scouts to help him locate the National Museum of Scotland bone in the hope that it will lead to Gnasher’s whereabouts. However, the Beanotown Scouts need some motivation and Dennis enlists the help of Chief Scout, Bear Grylls.

The strip also features a chance encounter between Bear and Gnasher. When Bear shows Dennis a photo he took of a dog barking at the lions in Trafalgar Square, London, Dennis is hopeful of finding his furry side kick.

Bear Grylls said, “As a huge fan of the Beano’s iconic characters, I’m thrilled to be part of this extra special issue. The Beano is absolutely packed full of daring exploits and fun, just like my role as Chief Scout. Readers of my Mission Survival series love an exciting adventure and I hope all Beano readers enjoy the exciting search for Gnasher!”

Dennis the Menace added, “Bear Grylls is an awesome adventurer – he’s the perfect person to help search for Gnasher. Plus, he’s pretty cool, even though he’s a grown up. I mean, he rode a bear into Beanotown.

“If anyone sees Gnasher, like Bear did, let me or the big boss Editor know via #gnashtag or findgnasher@beano.com. The Beano needs Gnasher back!”

Bear Grylls in The Beano

Bear Grylls to help in search for Gnasher

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