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January 23, 2015
Top Reasons to Read the Book Before Seeing the Seventh Son Movie

Joseph Delaney’s bestselling Spook’s series is set to be made into a film. So why should you bother reading the books?  Well, for MANY reasons…

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Don’t be kept waiting

Seventh Son was first set to come out in February 2013. That’s almost 2 years ago! The fantasy movie starring Jeff Bridges has had its release date pushed back four times already from Feb 2013, to Oct 2013 to Jan. 2014… and now finally to the 27th March 2015.

If you are done with waiting, what better way to spend the two months before the movie comes out, than by reading the books it was adapted from?

I do not like to be kept waiting

More of a good thing

1 film vs  13 books! Joseph Delaney has written 13 books following the antics of the Spook, so you get more thrills and more adventures

Spooks long

Missing out favourite lines

We always advocate reading the books AND watching the film. The two are never going to be exactly  the same and by overlooking one you’ll enevitably end up missing some people’s favourite bits out. Imagine all the hilarious or life changing moments you could be missing out on by not reading the books. Just think all the people who have only seen the Hunger Games movies, have completely missed out on the line “Well don’t expect us to be too impressed. We just saw Finnick Odair in his underwear.”

Finnick Odair

Teen fiction

We are very excited to see the beautiful Ben Barnes staring as Thomas Ward, especially after Joseph Delaney said he was a “great action hero who is the true star of ‘Seventh Son’”. In the books Thomas is quite a lot younger than in the films and we love having relatable, kick-ass, teen characters!

Ben Barnes 2

Random House Children's Publishers | One of the UK’s largest children’s publishers
Random House Children's Publishers | One of the UK’s largest children’s publishers
September 4, 2014
If I Stay

With the film just days away from release, we’re all getting pretty excited, but also rather impatient, waiting to see it. So, we’ve decided to put together a list of 5 interesting (well, we think they’re interesting) bits of information about If I Stay and its incredibly talented, bestselling author, Gayle Forman.


1. Did you know that the wonderful Gayle Forman hasn’t always known she wanted to be a writer? In fact, when she was little, she wanted to grow up to be the sun! This was, however, before she realised that being the sun was not a viable career option.

bio-sunbio-gayle-white (1)

2. Dakota Fanning was in talks to play the part of Mia but turned it down to focus on her studies. However, it’s a good thing Chloë got the role though, as we think she fits the Mia we had in our heads perfectly. It’s not just us that thinks that, Gayle posted this image on her Tumblr saying:

‘After seeing Chloë Moretz practicing cello for the If I Stay movie, it is so obvious how meant for this role she is. Look at this picture. It’s Mia!’

Chloe on Cello

3. Despite the many musical references in If I Stay, Gayle Forman actually says she isn’t musical. On her website she is asked ‘Are you a musician?’ To which she replies:

‘Not even a little bit, but if you think I am because of my books, I’m so glad because it means I did a good job of fooling you.’

She fooled us! Did she fool you?


4. Gayle Forman was asked to sort her If I Stay characters into Hogwarts houses by Buzzfeed recently. She put Mia and Adam in Gryffindor (aww) and Kim in Ravenclaw. Do you agree with her choices?

She also drew some delightful pictures of her characters, which you can see here. (Although, just a word of advice, Gayle, maybe you should stick to writing…!)

5. Our final thing for you will probably make you cry even more than the story itself, but we think it’s very important piece of information. Basically, Gayle reveals in a note at the end of If I Stay that the idea for the story came from real events that happened to a family she knew. She says:

‘Once upon a time there was a family: a mother, a father, a boy like Teddy and a baby. And once upon a time there was a snowy day. And a drive in a car. And a devastating car accident. And an unfathomable tragedy.’

(the rest of the story can be found in the back of copies of her paperback)

if i stayy


That’s all we have for you today sadly, so you’ll have to deal with your If I Stay pangs a little bit longer. While you wait, check out the trailer here:

Or, if that’s not enough to keep you going, and you want to know more about the inspiration behind the story and read exclusive interviews with Chloë Moritz and Jamie Blackley, who play Mia and Adam, pick up a copy of the book here.

AND if that’s still not enough!! Check out Gayle’s website for more interesting facts and updates on the film and the book from her super cool tumblr here.


Random House Children's Publishers | One of the UK’s largest children’s publishers
Random House Children's Publishers | One of the UK’s largest children’s publishers
February 20, 2014
RHCP books are flying off library shelves

Books from Random House Children’s Publishers’ authors are among the most borrowed library books for 2012-2013 according to recent data from the Public Lending Right.

Random House Children's Publishers | One of the UK’s largest children’s publishers
Random House Children's Publishers | One of the UK’s largest children’s publishers
October 29, 2013
Terry Pratchett’s Wintersmith and Steeleye Span

Posted by Philippa

It’s a curious thing this business of having been around publishing for rather a long time. Along with the usual manifestations of the passing years come the puzzled looks from younger colleagues when one mentions working before the advent of the internet, personal computers and even faxes. And then there are references to cultural icons they’ve never heard of.

True, I’ve usually never heard of the so-called ‘celebrities’ which dominate the current ‘reality’ TV they all seem to enjoy, but the blank faces I got when I mentioned how excited I was that Steeleye Span’s latest album was based on Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novel, Wintersmith surprised me. How could they not know the folk-rock band whose All Around My Hat was a UK chart hit (got no 5 at a time when being a chart hit really meant something), or whose Gaudete is a Christmas perennial?

Random House Children's Publishers | One of the UK’s largest children’s publishers
Random House Children's Publishers | One of the UK’s largest children’s publishers
June 10, 2013

One of my first and most exciting jobs at RHCP has to be designing, commissioning and art directing The Flappers series by Jillan Larkin. I have been thinking about the books a lot over the past few weeks, and am re-reading them now, having been to see Baz Luhrmann’s amazing Great Gatsby. The Flappers books: Vixen, Ingenue and Diva are all set in the 1920s Great Gatsby era and give you just the same feeling of glamour and excitement.

The Flappers: Vixen by Jillian Larkin – UK trailer

The books had already been designed in the US see below, but after watching the trailer we wanted to go for our own look here. I was briefed and told to make them look ‘sexy, but not too sexy’, sassy and more teenage.

After some research, we decided the photographic route was our best move. I had worked with a few photographers previously, but one of them, Jan Masny, immediately came into my mind as the best fit for the ‘Film Noir’ style we wanted.  Luckily Jan agreed to the job, and so we met for a coffee and discussed clothes, make-up and hair as well as poses and props. What a brilliant way to spend a morning! After that, I commissioned Agata Mazur as the model; hair and make-up stylist, Elizabeth Heisz and clothes stylist, Lois Love. With such a brilliant team in place we were ready to shoot .

I went along with the UK editor of the series and we had such a brilliant day – it was great to see my vision brought to life, and great to be able suggest and direct elements on the day that really made a difference to the covers.

I love the finished results – slick and sassy, just like the books. Pick these up if, like me, you love the twenties!

Here are some questions answered by Jan Masny about what inspired him to become a photographer.

What drew you to becoming a Photographer?
I was always interested in different forms of art I tried painting and drawing but when I got my first camera when i was teenager and I knew, ‘this is it’.

What’s your favourite children’s book?
Winnie the Pooh was my favourite I also liked The Moomins a lot.

Who or what inspires you?
I like ‘old school’ photographers. For me,  the one and only will always will be Richard Avedon. He invented modern fashion photography as we know it now. He changed the game totally.
I love Irving Penn for his amazing, very innovative way of photographing.  I also absolutely adore Albert Watson’s black and white portraits.

Personal heroes…
Richard Avedon the best photographer ever.
Witold Pilecki incredibly brave Polish soldier during  WWII. one of the many amazing things he did was escape from Auschwitz, and getting to UK and bringing to the world evidences of the holocaust.
Maurice Herzog first man who climbed 8000 m mountain Annapurna  in 1950.

If you could be any children’s book character who would you be?

I would go for Pilot Pirx , he is a character of Science Fiction books for teenagers written by the famous Polish writer Stanislaw Lem. His adventures happen in the future and he is a captain of the space ship.

What’s the first thing you do when you come across your book or photography in a shop/ mag or online?
It gives me great satisfaction.

If you had to do another job what would it be?
I would be an explorer. I would love to swim in the deepest oceans and travel to the highest mountains. Or, ideally I would be first person to be sent on a Mars expedition or even further.

What’s your favourite medium to use
Well, I’m doing a lot of Photoshop work and now I’m doing more and more work in Adobe Premiere . So the computer is my environment.

Would you ever collaborate with another artist?
Working in fashion is a constant collaboration with other artists, fashion designers , stylists, set designers, make up artists, and hair stylists. They are all creatives you have to work with.

Do you prefer digital or the physical book?
I have Kindle, and I like it a lot. Considering how easy it is to get new book on it, and how lightweight it is , you can take it everywhere with you.
Also it is environmentally friendly because you are not using  paper.
The only problem is that you just can’t find loads of books in a digital format. I was trying to find my favourite cyber punk book Neuromancer , by WIlliam Gibson in digital format and had no luck.
But from another point of view, I like old books. There is something magical about them.  I love old book shops-spending time in them is like getting into another world, It puts you in different state of mind.

Lastly can we have a random fact about you..?
I’ve climbed Mont Blanc last year, here you go http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5QQIdwdwqs

The Flappers series is avaliable to buy and enjoy here

Random House Children's Publishers | One of the UK’s largest children’s publishers
Random House Children's Publishers | One of the UK’s largest children’s publishers
January 18, 2013

Now that the hectic Christmas season has ended, the Publicity team here at RHCP has been thinking about what other excitement is in store – i.e. the lovely new books publishing in 2013. From quirky picture books; to fabulously funny new kids on the block in young fiction; to some super-scary happenings, here are our personal picks of some of the standout titles for the year…

Clare’s Pick: Anne Fine – BLOOD FAMILY

I was completely captivated by Anne’s THE DEVIL WALKS. Set in the past it featured a young boy Daniel who was sent to live with his uncle. In this novel, which is loosely linked to THE DEVIL WALKS, the protagonist also grows up in the shadow of his mum’s mental illness and a highly abusive father. He’s adopted into a loving family but despite their support struggles to shake off his past. How can he save himself when he goes off the rails? This is another gripping and darkly disturbing story from a master storyteller.

Charlotte’s Pick: Rebecca Patterson – MY BUSY BEING BELLA DAY

Following her first adventure in MY BIG SHOUTING DAY, Bella is back in a brand new story from award-winning author Rebecca Patterson. In MY BUSY BEING BELLA DAY, released May 2013, Bella is going to have a very busy day at nursery, but she can’t help wondering what Mummy and her brother Bob are getting up to at home. Yet Bella soon discovers that there are good things about being bigger, and maybe nursery isn’t so bad after all…

Harriet’s Pick: Laura Dockrill – DARCY BURDOCK

I am soooo excited about the launch of the fantastic DARCY BURDOCK series by the wonderfully quirky and completely cool LAURA DOCKRILL! Darcy is funny, smart and completely nuts and I couldn’t help but fall in love with her right from the first line of the book: ‘Have you ever noticed your noticing? Sometimes I notice so much that I get trapped in noticing my noticing.’ And this is Darcy down to a tee – one of life’s ‘noticers’ who sees the extraordinary in the everyday and the wonder in the world around her. Her ability to capture everyday situations and describe them in such a hilarious but completely honest way had me in stitches. But what I love most about Darcy is her passion and enthusiasm for just BEING YOURSELF! By the end, I actually shed a tear and rejoiced at the fact that we are all different and this is indeed something to be celebrated. As Darcy says, from bobbly bumps on your skin to holes in your knickers, ‘these are the things that make you special, that make you YOU.’

Lauren’s Pick: Malorie Blackman – THE NOBLE CONFLICT

The book I am most excited about this year is the brand new teen novel from Malorie Blackman. In The Noble Conflict, out this July, Malorie returns to what she does best in a dystopian futuristic thriller complete with a clever twist in the tale that she is famous for. I know fans of the Noughts & Crosses series are going to LOVE The Noble Conflict.

Alex’s Pick: Rachel Campbell-Johnson – THE CHILD’S ELEPHANT

My pick for 2013 is the beautiful The Child’s Elephant by Rachel Campbell-Johnston.  This debut novel captured my heart and imagination with its vivid imagery and original story.  It follows the story of Bat, a young African herd boy who takes in an orphaned baby elephant.  The elephant (named Meya) becomes part of Bat’s family and his village.  Eventually, Meya is set free into the wild again.  But her and Bat are later reunited when a child army arrives in the village… Rachel Campbell-Johnston brings the African savannah to life in this poignant tale.

Lisa’s Pick: Jonathan Stroud – LOCKWOOD & CO.

I cannot say too much about this book just yet but suffice to say Lockwood & Co is going to be HUGE! It’s the brand new series from the wonderful Jonathan Stroud, whose Bartimaeus series was a global bestseller. Featuring young operatives of a Psychic Detection agency tasked with battling an epidemic of ghosts, it is a supernatural thriller like no other. Film rights have already been hotly snapped up, everyone is clamouring to read the manuscript and there’s just no end to the anticipation and excitement for this book. I love Jonathan’s blend of humour, mystery and adventure but it’s also the fantastic characters and spooky twists and turns that really had me hooked. Coming in September…be ready for a fright!


These adorable new books will mean baking abound for the whole summer – not that the RHCP PR team ever need much encouragement to bake! Due to it’s pink and girlie perfection, it will be no surprise to the rest of the team that I have selected the Cupcake Fairies as my ‘excitable’ pick, and will probably be posing as blondie Butterfly (one of the fairies!) come July, when this series launches. All about  fairies, friendship and baking, each story also has a great message for young readers. The illustrations are fresh, modern and absolutely pitch-perfect – almost as if they had been sprinkled with picture-book pixie dust for that special magic finish!

Random House Children's Publishers | One of the UK’s largest children’s publishers
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    Random House Children's Publishers | One of the UK’s largest children’s publishers
    Random House Children's Publishers | One of the UK’s largest children’s publishers