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April 18, 2014
Editorial - Random House Children's Publishers

By Richard Collingridge

As it’s close to Easter, I have decided to blog about Easter eggs – but not the kind that you eat, the ones which feature in stories, films, songs and drawings! They are a kind of secret hidden in people’s work, including mine.

There are several examples of secret Easter eggs  that I can think of:

First, and something to do with me, is a book that I have previously worked on called Trash. I created the artwork and font for the hardback book, and this font was also used on the paperback edition. This paperback edition features in a film called ‘About Time’ – because because the writer and director of the film (Richard Curtis) is also making the film adaptation of Trash.

Another example is the the film ‘E.T.’, which was created by George Lucas who also created ‘Star Wars’. When filming a scene which contained fancy dress (trick or treating), the ‘E.T.’-director, Steven Spielberg, couldn’t resist putting in a famous character from the Star Wars films:

(© copyright universal )


Another example is in the animated film Rango, where a certain spaghetti western movie icon is featured:

(© copyright paramount)


In his novels, Stephen King uses Easter eggs in the form of character names.

For example the character Dick Hallorann, a chef at the the Hotel in ‘The Shining’ is also a 19-year-old Army cook in ‘IT’.

I have included all types of Easter eggs in books which I have illustrated; including references to football teams I support, toys and books that I liked growing up, & references to books which have a relevance to what I’m working on.

I won’t point them out, so its up to YOU to find them . . .








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Easter eggs

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