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March 5, 2014
Random House Children's Publishers

Here at Random House, we’re very proud to be bringing back into print a number of brilliant novels by the inimitable K M Peyton, who was – very rightly! – awarded an MBE in this year’s New Year’s Honours list.

Kathy’s first book was published when she was a teenager. She’s now 84, and with almost seventy books under her belt, she is one of the sparkiest, funniest, warmest and most readable authors we have the pleasure of publishing. Deeply passionate about horses since she was a child, this love is evident in her writing, particularly in books like The Swallow Tales, which we reissued last year with a foreword by one of Kathy’s biggest fans: Carnegie Medal winner Meg Rosoff. After reading the Flambards series, Meg wrote:

‘It was nearly thirty years later that a wise bookseller put me on to more of Peyton’s books – Fly-by-Night, The Team, and of course the delightful Swallow series — and turned me into a bona fide Peyton groupie. I devoured book after book with the joy of a twelve-year-old pony lover and the critical faculties of a hard-to-please middle-aged writer and reviewer. Neither version of myself was ever disappointed, except in the realisation that so many of her books were ones I wished I had written.’

Whether you’re a grown-up reader who loved Kathy’s books as a child and want to revisit them again, a young reader with a growing interest in all things horsey, or just on the lookout for a great, gorgeously nostalgic story, try one of Kathy’s newly reissued books, with a beautiful classic package, for a real treat.

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K M Peyton awarded an MBE

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