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September 8, 2014
Random House Children's Publishers

It’s Monday again! How did you spend your weekend? I spent most of mine on a train, going up and down the country. Luckily I had a bunch of good books in my bag to keep me occupied!

This week, we got to thinking about some of the stranger habits some of us have whenever we’re reading. For example, last week someone confided to me that she arranges the books on her shelf by colour. Or how about the woman who admitted she leaves scary books in the fridge overnight? I even once encountered a man who tore out pages from books after he’d read them so that whenever he opened the book again he’d be right where he left off before.

It turns out some of us have some pretty odd routines when it comes to books. Well, we asked around the office and some of the confessions we got were pretty bizarre! Here’s a few:


“If I’m reading a really exciting series of books, the final one has to be in hardback, because it looks so much more impressive.”

“All of my books are ordered by genre and are in alphabetical order.”

“I listen to Harry Potter every night before I go to sleep and listen to it in theme: for example, Christmas scenes in the run up to Christmas.”

“I have forty-seven copies of Wuthering Heights.”

“After reading a book I really enjoy, I hunt down all the other books the author has written and have to read them all before I move on to a new author.”

“I read the same three books whenever I am ill.”

I sometimes walk the dog and read at the same time. Once the dog pulled on the lead and I dropped my book in a puddle.”

“I have been known to drive and read.”

“Sometimes I sit in the car after work and I don’t drive home (it can get dark) until I’ve reached the end of the book.”

What do you reckon? Think those are pretty weird, or can you match them with any strange habits of your own? Don’t be shy – comment below and let us know!

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