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April 2, 2015
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The Butterfly Club

In Jacqueline Wilson’s latest fantastic offering, The Butterfly Club, shy Tina is overshadowed by her loving and protective sisters Maddie and Phil, until Tina’s love of butterflies lets her spread her wings and make some new friends of her own. The Butterfly Club is Jacqueline Wilson’s 101st book, and her stories are as riveting and relatable as ever. If you loved The Butterfly Club and need a little guidance on where else in the Jacqueline Wilson catalogue to start, we’ve got some ideas for you!

If you liked reading about the sisters…

Double Act

…you should read Double Act! Tina, Maddie and Phil love each other a lot, and Maddie and Phil always look out for Tina, the littlest triplet, but even the closest of sisters sometimes have falling outs. Ruby and Garnet in Double Act are twins – identical, just like in The Butterfly Club! – and sometimes Ruby is just a little too bossy for Garnet. If you have a sister, or just like reading about them, Double Act will make you laugh and cry!

If you liked Tina’s cool Granddad…


…you should read Secrets! Grandparents are the best; they play with you, take you on great days out like the triplet’s visit to the butterfly garden, and help you bake cakes and biscuits. Tina’s Granddad even made Selma smile! Just like him, Treasure’s grandmother Rita in Secrets takes good care of her granddaughter, and you’ll love reading about their relationship.

If you liked Tina and Selma’s friendship…

Bad Girls

…you should read Bad Girls! Tina and Selma don’t get along at first – Tina thinks Selma’s a bully, and Selma thinks Tina’s annoying – but they soon become friends while they work together to build their butterfly garden. In Bad Girls, Mandy’s overprotective mum doesn’t think Mandy should be friends with Tanya, but the girls stick together anyway. You’ll love the story of their powerful friendship.

If you liked the butterflies…


…you should read Queenie! If you’re an animal lover, we bet you loved reading about the different kinds of butterflies Tina saw in the butterfly garden, from emerald swallowtails to postman butterflies. You should definitely read Queenie, about a beautiful white cat that helps look after Elsie while she and her Nan are in hospital.

If you liked Miss Lovejoy…

The Lottie Project

…you should read The Lottie Project! Miss Lovejoy seems strict and scary at first, but she helps Tina become braver and more confident, and gives the girls everything they need to build their very own butterfly garden. In The Lottie Project, Charlie Enright hates when her new history teacher, Miss Beckworth, calls her Charlotte and makes her do a boring history project, but Charlie soon discovers that her project isn’t as dull as she thought it would be. If you liked reading about Miss Lovejoy, we think you’d love Miss Beckworth too!

Happy reading!

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Which Jacqueline Wilson Book Should You Read Next?
Which Jacqueline Wilson Book Should You Read Next?

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